Oh my eff gee; eff is for Facebook.

I was at a big family barbecue with Erica, my seven-year-old daughter, this past weekend. A couple of moments after we arrived at the farm for the barbecue, she had already run off to play with a few other kids her own age… including this one girl named Sarah.

Sarah was probably three images shorter than Erica and possibly younger, but she kept scooping Erica up Superman-style and carrying her around. As someone who spent the evening before carrying Erica around the University of Toronto campus because her cute new shoes hurt her heels, I was naturally impressed by the feat of strength. Incredible.

Anyway, they’re running around, playing soccer and shaking raindrops off of tree branches and assorted other awesomeness, and they run by, faces serious as if on a mission — which they may have been, since Erica seemed to have stepped forward as the leader as I heard her exclaim, “…oh, I know him. I can put him on Facebook. Let’s go!”

I guess what I am is impressed, since it seems as though Facebook has become such a part of our culture that kids include it in their imaginary adventures as though it were gravity, although there is loads of fun to be had if you ditch gravity from imagination. Like when you’re playing superheroes with your friends and you’re Spider-man in space… right? You know.

Barbecues are awesome.

One Response to “Oh my eff gee; eff is for Facebook.”
  1. Thats awesome. I love hearing stories like this. Thats crazy that Facebook has only been around for like 5-6 years and is already apart of our culture. Very cool.

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