Infamously unfamous.

I know I haven’t been around here very much, and believe me, I never imagined I’d wind up leaving a reference to a pot joke as a headline on my blog for so long. I sure love Jason Segel, though. Oh, and it turns out my girlfriend’s parents are reading this regularly. Hi guys! Anyway, … Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Ninja classtime.

I Ninja Turtled a nose in class today! It makes me a little sad because it reminds me that Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses has closed, but it makes me happy because I often see little Ninja Turtles on people’s faces when I talk to them in real life.


“Sometimes I wrap bowls of chips or candies in plastic, something completely unassuming, but of course I like to do it so that it’s wrapped so tightly that the plastic is completely invisible on the dish. Then eventually, someone comes along and attempts to eat them and is stymied by the situation, but their cry … Continue reading

Jason Segel and the cast of How I Met Your Mother.

“Stay away from drugs… other than pot.”

“And stay away from drugs… other than pot.”

Fan films.

There’s nothing like it when talented filmmakers also turn out to be huge fans of games, comics and other geekia. This short film based on Portal is so awesome, it reminds me what a brilliant game it is. I wish I had a mouse with me at the moment just so I could play it … Continue reading

Six years.

I recently checked and found out that I first started this blog on August 22, 2005 — six years ago today. While I’m not nearly as prolific at the moment as I once was — looking clear past Bobbyisms, the music blog I post to every day — I still feel this deserves a bit of celebration. … Continue reading

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