Teenage Mutant Ninja classtime.

I Ninja Turtled a nose in class today! It makes me a little sad because it reminds me that Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses has closed, but it makes me happy because I often see little Ninja Turtles on people’s faces when I talk to them in real life. Advertisements


“Sometimes I wrap bowls of chips or candies in plastic, something completely unassuming, but of course I like to do it so that it’s wrapped so tightly that the plastic is completely invisible on the dish. Then eventually, someone comes along and attempts to eat them and is stymied by the situation, but their cry … Continue reading

“Stay away from drugs… other than pot.”

Jason Segel and the cast of How I Met Your Mother.

“And stay away from drugs… other than pot.”

Oh my eff gee; eff is for Facebook.

I was at a big family barbecue with Erica, my seven-year-old daughter, this past weekend. A couple of moments after we arrived at the farm for the barbecue, she had already run off to play with a few other kids her own age… including this one girl named Sarah. Sarah was probably three images shorter … Continue reading

New game!

New game! Hold your arm up 90º to your body, hold as long as you can. My arms are heavier than I thought! Probably why I'm always so tired. — Bobby Foley (@mrbobbyfoley) March 30, 2011

Fan Fiction.

Bush Days — Creativity begets creativity, it’s said… or if it isn’t, I just said it. The hallmark of the truly artistic is the immutable ability to inspire others, to move further creative and artistic persons into creative action, and providing opportunities for newer, second-person perspective. (Does the second-person perspective already refer to something? Cos I … Continue reading

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