Oh my eff gee; eff is for Facebook.

I was at a big family barbecue with Erica, my seven-year-old daughter, this past weekend. A couple of moments after we arrived at the farm for the barbecue, she had already run off to play with a few other kids her own age… including this one girl named Sarah. Sarah was probably three images shorter … Continue reading

Of Winston.

Bush Days — There was no sadder day for Bush fans than that fateful one in October of 2004 when the news came that poor Winston — the infamous Hungarian sheepdog belonging to Gavin Rossdale — passed away. Winston was a character, a personality about the group that made him the fifth member (sorry, Sacha Puttnam). Winston … Continue reading


Most hockey fans in Ontario have a favourite OHL (Ontario Hockey League) team in addition to whatever others they watch, and I’m little exception. While here in London, support seems far and wide for the Knights, I’ve been a supporter of the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds ever since my mom took me to a couple … Continue reading

Happy birthday, Slava!

Time once again for my yearly tradition of wishing my best mate Slava a happy birthday. He writes for a few blogs (I’m a big fan of his latest), tweets awesomeness, and is my favourite unknown musician. I’d love to be able to link his music blog to you, in fact, but that’s his secret … Continue reading

How Erica pulled a Babe Ruth in Wii Bowling.

While my daughter and I playing were playing Wii Sports at the family house this past week, she picked up this bell in the living room and began to ring it fervently whenever certain achievements were made in the games. For example, she soon began to ring the bell anytime someone bowled a strike; at … Continue reading


Here’s my brother, freely playing some guitar during a break in one of our studio jams back in September. Not that this should be seen as indicative of the stuff we’re working on, but I’m happy to share this video of him anyway. Mikey’s got a very free style, and music is able to just … Continue reading

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