Eye on Springfield.


The eyes are the windows… of your face.

I’ve been watching this video clip quite a lot lately, because the sheer genius of Christopher Walken is undeniable and never fails to brighten any day or night. I can watch most of it completely stone-faced, but when he walks around and keeps catching that one plant in his peripherals… oh em gee. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

I love the Olympics.

This was awesome news when I got home this evening. I didn’t see much of the game at all, and still can’t find any sort of recap to watch online, but this is just awesome. Even better than an 8–0 blowout, ladies and gentlemen… Team Canada.

Craigy Ferg.

Craig Ferguson has done a voice in the upcoming new Dreamworks film, How To Train Your Dragon. Also, he’s announced that despite his aversion in the past, he’s joined Twitter. I was about his 600th follower, and over the next 30 minutes I watched it grow to over 5800. He’s promised that once he gets … Continue reading

Bruce the Funny Dog.

Now that it’s back on the air for another season, Greg and I are committing to hanging every Thursday night to watch Important Things with Demetri Martin. This week’s important thing was Attention — how to hold it, how to get rid of it if you don’t want it, and much more. What may you … Continue reading

Douchebag earlobe.

“Great, thanks to the new cell phone road laws, I’m sitting in a Starbucks with an earpiece on. I’ve become everything I ever hated. Sigh.” – from Twitter

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