Another new blog design? About time.

Playing around with a new blog style and imagery, while I’m watching Betty White on Saturday Night Live. Need the CSS upgrade, going to do some nice things… some very nice things. Advertisements

End of an era.

Today was the last day for me at Teletech in London; no more tech support (though I haven’t had to do that for a year and a half now), no more circuit provisioning, no more customer service, no more call centre work. After better than two years (when I wasn’t really expecting it to last … Continue reading

Water: week two.

Another update: two weeks into this water thing now, and things have balanced out. Since cutting all liquids from my diet except water, I think I’ve successfully detoxed out the caffeine. I’ve found it essential to pencil in time for naps and rest in the evenings, while at school, wherever I can get them; any … Continue reading

Update: H2Only.

One week in, I decided to do a quick update as to how it’s been going since deciding to cut all liquids from my diet with the exception of water. It’s been simply nightmarish, as it’s pretty easy to lose one’s thirst for water (I suppose that could only be true of nations like ours … Continue reading

Only water.

So I’ve decided to do it — in an effort to detox caffeine from my system, cut back on sugars and just reset, I’ve decided for the month of April to cut all liquids from my diet, excepting water. I don’t really know what to expect, but rest assured I will be keeping as close … Continue reading


I’ve been plagued by a number of health issues lately, from stress to reflux to a dozen conflicting issues with sleep, so I’m seriously considering swearing off all liquids except water for the month of April. Detoxing away the caffeine is the biggest hurdle I feel there is, but frankly I could stand to lose … Continue reading

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