Bush Exicon.

Bush Days — The best music out there is the music that causes you to stop and think — whether it’s about life, a change in perspective, clever wordplay or double meanings, or anything in between, music becomes doubly rewarding if it causes you to connect with it, to interact with it mentally. To his credit, Gavin … Continue reading

Video comparison: a study.

Exhibit A: “The People That We Love” (née “Speed Kills”), Bush, 2001 Bush Days — Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to music videos, there’s a bit of a fine line. Obviously, there aren’t a lot of cases where music videos seem that similar, unless there’s a direct correlation made … Continue reading

Conversation with Nicole upon waking, Sunday morning.

Of definitions.

Scope-zilla (skop’-zill-a), noun. My astronomy professor’s definition: a hideously unattractive telescope — often large in size — that still functions very well and adequately performs all the tasks required of a telescope. My definition: an ill-tempered telescope with a bitchy disposition that is planning its wedding.

“Not bad.”

I think you would be hard-pressed to find videos and the like on TV or the Internet that are funnier than when those are made of celebrities that have a sense of humour about themselves. Case in point: long before Josh Groban sang Kanye’s tweets, or Paris Hilton ran for president, Brad Pitt guest starred … Continue reading

Of birthday cards.

Erica We could get him a card that says, “to Bobby, from Erica and Nicole.” Nicole Or, we could get him two cards. One that says, “to Bobby, from Nicole,” and one that says, “to Daddy, from Erica.” Erica Or we could get him one card…

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