Obsessive Collectors Disorder.

Bush collection, in part.

Bush Days — Fandom is a very funny thing when it comes to bands, even more so than being a fan of a restaurant or film or actor or anything. When it comes to fandom, there’s a certain spectrum that can be applied to bands and music that don’t apply to other media.

Okay, okay, to begin, let’s be clear what we’re talking about; fandom unfortunately represents a couple of different concepts, scaled in different ways. For example, one way you could scale fandom would be to dissect the state of fandom you could be in, beginning on one end with discovery and infatuation and spanning across to realization, humanity, and realism. This would be your fandom over time, as you got to know and grow with your favourite artists.

But I’m talking fandom severity. It’s something that happens to everyone at some point, as they develop their own tastes and personalities. However, there’s something particularly fanatic about the whole process when it comes to music, and to bands. See, in most professions, it’s abnormal to get your face printed onto t-shirts, to have your name printed on posters, buttons, playing cards, and all the like. In music, though, it’s somewhat abnormal not to.

Once you consider the world of music, though, these concepts are second nature, so commonplace that they’re practically blasé; bands playing at the local club up the road have t-shirts and buttons made. But when it comes to Bush, and especially to front man Gavin Rossdale, there’s a rare concept of fandom called into play: Obsessive Collectors Disorder.

If you were to take a poll of Bush fans (and women in particular, I’m just saying what we’re all thinking), you would invariably come down to two types of individual: the concert fans, those people that check out the shows, watch the videos on TV, and listen to the records; and the OCD fans, those who bought every last piece of merchandise that they could carry at the shows, who constantly call to request the videos and singles be played on TV, and covered every last inch of wall space in their rooms while listening to the records and scouring eBay for relics and items they don’t have.

So the new Bush and their new record will be a blessing two-fold: not only will there be new merchandise available — new shirts and posters and things for the collecting — but also I’m hoping that it will cause a resurgence of older collectibles becoming available and circulating once again… Daddy needs some Bush on vinyl.

What kind of fan are you?

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