Greatest Hits.

Bush Days — I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but generally whenever you see ‘greatest hits’ collections, don’t you find it frustrating that it’s just a collection of singles and coming radio selections? I mean, ‘best of’ shouldn’t have anything to do with chart positions and units sold, and yet usually — lamentably — does.

The songs that make these discs, invariably the same songs heard over and over on the radio and online, seem to negate the concept of the ‘best’ of an artist’s work, considering how often the decision of releasing songs to the media falls on the band’s label and management, as opposed to being an internal choice.

Bush released a lot of singles off of their first two discs, that all went on to considerable radio success; in order, “Everything Zen”, “Little Things”, “Comedown”, “Glycerine”, and “Machinehead” from Sixteen Stone, “Swallowed”, “Greedy Fly”, “Cold Contagious”, “Personal Holloway”, and “Bonedriven” from Razorblade Suitcase gave us huge radio jams from almost 1995 to 1998. Even around that time, any band who could market ten singles from only two records was a monster and a force to be reckoned with.

Were it my decision to make, the tracklisting for Bush’s greatest hits record would be decidely different than it’s present list. In my opinion, a ‘best of’ collection should be a record of the growth of an artist or band. I feel the songs selected should illustrate the ways a band — and in this case, Gavin Rossdale as a songwriter — has grown as well as celebrating their strengths. If I limit myself to selecting only 20 percent of each album to date (not including Everything Always Now, which hasn’t yet been released or previewed), and make it further interesting by adding the other two records, I think my list would look more like:

1. “Old” (Sixteen Stone b-side)
2: “My Engine Is With You” (Golden State)
3: “Secrets And Lies” (Distort Yourself, Institute)
4: “Out Of This World” (Golden State)
5: “Straight No Chaser” (Razorblade Suitcase)
6: “Body” (Sixteen Stone)
7: “Comedown” (Sixteen Stone)
8: “The Disease Of The Dancing Cats” (The Science Of Things)
9: “Future World” (Wanderlust, Gavin Rossdale)
10: “Mouth” (Razorblade Suitcase)
11: “Greedy Fly” (Razorblade Suitcase)
12: “Letting The Cables Sleep” (The Science Of Things)
13: “This Place Is On Fire” (Wanderlust, Gavin Rossdale)
14: “Save The Robots” (Distort Yourself, Institute)
15: “Love Remains The Same” (Classical guitar version, special release)

In fact, if you’ve got all these songs in your collection, I suggest making the playlist and giving it a shot — just be prepared to have your mind blown. If you don’t have all of these songs in your collection… I recommend going to OneSecondBush and seeing what you can do about that.

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