Bush — American Eyes.

Bush Days — So, I have a confession: though I had (and maintained) a pretty strict policy about downloading music until about 2008, I downloaded Golden State by Bush on P2P networks about two months before it was available in stores.

Although I did buy the album (actually, a few copies in the years since it’s October 2001 release), I was so hungry for new music from my favourite band that the first ever version of “Speed Kills” (later renamed “The People That We Love” in the wake of 9/11) I had was some version recorded off of the radio that had the ending few notes of some other song in it.

Of course, downloading at the time was a pretty different game than now, only really offering music one song at a time as opposed to everything you can download now through torrents. So after the lead single, the first song I heard off of Golden State was “Hurricane” and the very last was “Inflatable” — a fact which lends a certain haunting beauty to the tune, as much now as it did that first time late in the summer of 2001. Of course, at the time I still maintained my own Bush site, and I remember excitedly posting the new album artwork and all of the albums lyrics.

And I’ve never been so excited about b-sides before — “American Eyes” was included on the single for “The People That We Love” and instantly became my very favourite song from the Golden State era.

I miss that time very much, that long-gone era of getting a record and listening to it for the first time with the lyric sheets from start to finish. And I can tell you now that though I’m excited about the idea of hearing Everything Always Now in circumstances as pure and patient as those, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist the allure of a torrent link, should one fall into my lap. At the least, I won’t go looking for one.


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