The Moon what?

The Moon

So I learned in Astronomy today that the Moon’s rotation is such that it only ever presents one face to the Earth. Really?

I mean, I get that it’s possible, but I suppose I’ve always supposed that the Moon’s rotation was more profound, like that of the Earth as it revolves around the Sun. Really though, telling me that, “yeahs, you can tell because the ‘man in the Moon’ is always there!” is not going to convince me of anything; I would hope that an omnipresent ‘face’ on the distant Moon was not a factor in the early science of Astronomers, centuries and centuries ago.

Side note: isn’t it amusing how our Moon has no particular name, yet the moons of every other celestial body we’ve encountered have proper names and/or designations? It reminds me of Demetri Martin’s take on how people named vitamins originally, they must have expected there would be a lot more of them.

Opposite problem with the Moon, I guess… “oh fuck me, there are more of them? Well, how many? What do you mean, sixteen?”


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