Origin story.

While I may not exactly be adhering to the complete rules of this post-per-day challenge, I do think it’s commendable of WordPress when you consider the length that they’re going to to encourage people to be as prolific as possible and share… considering that it’s bound in most ways to produce better bloggers from the raw clay of the willing participants.

In case you didn’t know, there is a useful Twitter account started for this very reason, one to which the powers that be at WordPress post a thought-inspiring ice-breaker or the beginning of a sentence; recently, the daily topic was, “why did you start?”

I admit, I don’t much consider the daily topics when it comes to writing something (though I do try beyond simply sharing a cool video, it just doesn’t always work), but this one got me thinking about how since I got so busy in school beginning in September, I didn’t really pay any mind to the fifth anniversary of my blog and its evident general ode to misadventure.

There are two, really; I began exploring the idea of blogging in August 2005 when I was decking out my Myspace page — I was getting very into discovering new bands and music that way, and blogging seemed like an interesting way of getting into the experience. I produced five blog posts there, migrating them over to a proper blog I created on Blogger.com in October.

Which is the second anniversary, of sorts — I created a blog on Blogger.com for reasons I can no longer remember… I purchased a domain at bobbyfoley.com and set up the blog to exist on it. And then for roughly a year and a half, I worked on customizing it, stretching my legs into the space that it provided.

Early in May, I moved from Bradford to London, and at the same time, my blog moved from Blogger to WordPress. Here it has been since then, taking up this cheerful little web adress, bending and twisting into whatever it is my waking (and sometimes sleeping) mind wishes it to be. It has changed in appearance a few times, and undoubtedly will again, but in five years it’s worked to capture my thoughts, opinions, and findings in ways that make me smile when I hit that ‘random post’ button and go back to look.

At times it’s appeared to be a blog dedicated to new music and videos, at others it’s seemed like a way to recount personal projects and lessons learned. I’ve shared about my jobs, my friends, and my feelings for well over five years now, and I suppose that in itself is worthy of celebrating. In that spirit, I carry on; here’s hoping in years to come that I still get the same amount of enjoyment from casually perusing its volumes again and again. And you, too.


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    My name is Bobby.

    I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things.

    I write occasionally for Smashing Magazine and the London Community News online, and weekly for Interrobang, the student voice newspaper at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

    I've also been published by the Canadian University Press.
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