The Dear Hunter — Red 01

The Dear Hunter, a rock group that fuses progressive post-hardcore and classical alternative music, have taken a break from their ambitious six-act opus (to be represented in six full-length records) to undertake a new project referred to as Color Spectrum… a potentially even more ambitious collection of nine EPs based on a colours.

Above, a studio update posted late in July represents some of the work completed for the Red EP. This video — plus one posted a few weeks earlier outlining some work on the Black EP — are the only looks we’ve had at the music that’s been created over the summer by the band, though their website implies that work has also been done for White, Blue, Green, and Orange.

Given the vague scope of the project so far and the limited samples of work, one might suggest this to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of the 2007–2008 concept project undertaken by Thrice called The Alchemy Index … except multiplied by ten.

The Dear Hunter was formed when Casey Crescenzo left The Receiving End Of Sirens back in 2006; he had written an EP’s worth of songs about a character around the turn of the 20th century, known only as ‘the dear hunter’ — songs that would all become a part of the band’s second release. This project has been widely acclaimed and is arguably the most ambitious and brilliant undertaking by any rock band in the past decade.

To quickly recap:

In Act I: The Lake South, The River North (EP, 2006), the character was conceived and born to a prostitute named Ms Terri.

In Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Ms Leading (2007), Ms Terri dies while the boy is still very young, and the he travels to a bordello in hopes of discovering more about who his mother was and the life she’d led. There, he falls in love with a prostitute named Ms Leading, but is not able to find peace with her chosen life. By the end of the album, the two part ways.

In Act III: Life And Death (2009), the character has become a soldier in an attempt to forget his past, but gets in over his head in battle. He is saved by his long-lost father, who dies shortly after revealing to him some unsettling secrets about his own origins.

Crescenzo announced earlier this year that although Act IV was confirmed to be in the works, it is being put on hold in whatever state of completion so that the band might explore their Color Spectrum project.

Although I know that they’re presently on tour and unable to be in the studio to continue work on the EPs, I confess a real frustration in the lack of more music. I like the idea of them just bouncing back and forth between music for different EPs as the mood strikes them, I am as impatient for new music from the band as a child is while waiting for Christmas morning. Or for Christmas to be over, for those non-Christian kids.

I guess that’s the downside of the new online world of music and the ability to connect and interact with bands and musicians — though we can be kept updated of the recording process in real time, it doesn’t do anything to make the music available any faster.


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