Doesn’t stuff bother you?

I don’t really get this whole decade thing we’ve got going on. Sure, probably one of the classiest, most eloquent sentences I’ve ever written, right? But seriously, I’m not sure I can hold it in any longer.

Though I think I’d prefer to say it ‘two thousand and ten’, I can see where people are getting the ‘twenty ten’ business from. It seems a lot less poetic, a bit more crude, but whatever — I can make my peace with it. But what’s going on with the decade names? In fifty years’ time, is this new decade going to be called the ‘twenty tens’? Or perhaps the ‘twenty teens’? Twenteens?

For that matter, were they called the ‘nineteen tens’ one hundred years ago, when people were referring to their own decade? Did the people of the 1920s and 1930s refer to them as the ‘nineteen tens’ when they spoke about the Great War? Did they refer to the previous decade as the ‘nineteen hundreds’? That’s the name of the whole damn century!

Have we just exited the ‘two thousands’, even though we’re still getting deeper into the millenium? Or the ‘twenty hundreds’? Or what — the ‘twenty zeroes’?? I don’t appreciate this business, I don’t appreciate it at all. It’s times like these I’m very jealous of Erica, knowing as I do that she won’t have to deal with it. She’ll happily graduate in 2021, then move on to some university somewhere.

And if she’s anything like me, she’ll simply pretend these couple of decades here didn’t even happen.


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