Only water.

So I’ve decided to do it — in an effort to detox caffeine from my system, cut back on sugars and just reset, I’ve decided for the month of April to cut all liquids from my diet, excepting water. I don’t really know what to expect, but rest assured I will be keeping as close an eye on myself as possible — as I’m sure will others — so I don’t feel as though I’m in any danger.

I will be keeping track of a few things as I go, like how well I feel overall, my weight, stuff like that. To hazard a prediction, I’d say that I’m going to feel the lack of it the most on Friday morning (roughly 30 hours after the cut), and I’d wager my body doesn’t completely balance out for about a week, at least. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been drinking too much coffee (I drank more each day for a stretch about a year ago, before school starting), but I definitely have enough in my system to mess it up pretty good.

I will post progress updates, and be taking people’s advice to heart as I go, but as of midnight, the only liquid I’ll be drinking for the next 30 days is water. I’m presently 204 lbs, have been having a lot of stomach and reflux issues lately, and suffering a fair amount of migraines. We’ll see how I’m doing after a week, but honestly? This could turn out to be even easier than when I grew a beard for the entire month of May last year…

QQ: does water flavoured by those Crystal Light packets still count as water? A few people seem to think so, but I think it might be breaking the rules. I’m curious about this one, truly.

One Response to “Only water.”
  1. I’m going to say no it doesn’t, it contains sweetner (aspertane) which your body then converts into fat and I’m sure it has a slew of other chemicals.

    Good luck, curious to see the results.

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