Proving to be more intense than even my mid-term week, this past week at school (week 12 of 14) turned into the busiest, sleepless-est week of the school year so far.

Though there weren’t as many projects due as a whole, I did have a couple of BIG projects due. Like this just below, an illustration of an old Argus C2 camera circa 1939… I had to create this photo of it in Illustrator using ONLY bezier curves and gradients.

Though I have to tell you, I straight up ran out of time while working on it. Unless I’m very much mistaken, I invested some 30 hours or so into this thing, piece by little piece, but with another 30 I could really have made it look a lot more realistic. C’est la.

(You can click on the image above to see it in it’s full size, but then its imperfections become glaringly obvious, so I don’t necessarily recommend it.)

Between that and a couple of other huge projects, I was up pulling all-nighters most every night beginning on Saturday. It should be noted that these were mostly technical all-nighters, as one morning I got an hour and a half of sleep, and forty-five minutes another.

Add a few naps in the afternoon or evening before beginning on work, and the numbers change a bit as well, but all in, I was awake some 122 hours of the 135 beginning Saturday morning and ending yesterday night. I suppose on the one hand it’s good to know that I’m physically capable of doing so, but on the other, I hope it never needs to happen ever again.

I slept away most of today, and I’m just about to go back to back for the evening, so with that, adieu. Let’s all sleep off this past week and power up for the next.

4 Responses to “Decompression.”
  1. Oh man Bobby, this is amazing. It looks just as awesome at full size so I don’t know what you are talking about.

    This past few weeks have also been super intense for me, getting Atlas up and running and all that. Only one week of classes left for me though, so I couldn’t me more relieved!

    You should post more project up, judging from this, I’m sure you have some really cool stuff you’re not sharing!

  2. Bobby says:

    Thanks a lot, dude. I will definitely be sharing a few things soon enough. I don’t necessarily think that they’re all amazing things, but I’m having fun with it all.

    I have two weeks of classes left, so I’m a little jealous. Atlas is looking so good and so promising though, I know your hard work is going to pay off.

    Only got a few large things left to finish, so fingers crossed.

  3. Slava says:

    Shiiit, that’s a beauty!
    I’ve always been wondering how those hyper-real Illustrator pictures are produced, good to know that my man Bobby is on that racket.
    You should do a ‘making of’ feature showing various stages of the illustration coming together!

  4. Bobby says:

    I have computer printouts from various stages, but no screen shots or anything. I’ll definitely keep it in mind to do that next time. Yeahs, Illustrator has a lot of tricks up its sleeves to make these illustrations look really good, really easily.

    …but even then, it’s not that easy. Thanks.

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