Back again.

No chance of a blog post last night, after a ball hockey game after work yesterday turned into a trip to the hospital for me. It all happened suddenly; I was playing defense in front of our goalie James when an opponent managed to sneak past and go on a breakaway. I caught up to him and then some, chipping the ball off of his stick, when he shoved me hard from behind. Unprepared, I landed very poorly on my left foot, rolling my ankle forward before tumbling head over foot over James. I hit the ground and rolled over, but the pain in my foot and ankle was just terrible.

I got up for a bit, tried to walk it off, and did get to feeling better. Like any sprain or pulled muscle, sometimes the one strike is the worst of the matter, and after a rest I improved a great deal. I subbed in very soon after and within a minute of playing, broke my only hockey stick. I sat out for a long time waiting for another right-handed stick to become available, and played normally for the next 30 minutes.

Later at home the swelling began, and general discomfort. Over the next while, a combination of massaging, icing, and resting my foot made it terribly painful. A trip to the hospital and a lot of x-rays later, I hear the truth: nothing broken, but bad sprains in the ankle and two places in my foot.

Now I’m not supposed to play hockey for a month, and I have to use these crutches they gave me for at least a week. And if there’s any one thing that has made this experience worse than anything, it’s the crutches – I can’t use them to save my life, and they are hurting and exhausting me like you wouldn’t believe.

At the very least, I have the best of friends. I didn’t even have to ask for someone to hold the door, or carry a coffee, or for a piggy-back ride; my friends are as understanding as they are supportive, telling me repeatedly to stay off my foot and employ the crutches to have a chance to heal. It should be pointed out, however, that they do want me to play in a tournament with them in three weeks…


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