Has anyone out there ever set a tarp up as a giant tent-like structure before? I don’t mean an enclosed space, but a kind of backyard patio covering kind of tent. There’s this event that we need to create cover for, and I’m trying with the team to brainstorm a few ideas on how to do this… any feedback at all, from anyone, would be greatly appreciated. Spread this around, please.

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  1. M.s.p. says:

    tension and/or a “skeleton” for the tarp will help hold it up. lash the corners to trees, lampposts or whatever is in the are (I’m unclear of what type of area of course). the skeleton idea falls on poles. two perpendicular arc shaped that link in the centre with the tarp fastened to them at certain points wil distribute tension evenly and hold well against wing, if there is any.

    I hope this comment helps, bro


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