It was only lately, while speaking to my writer friend, that I think I finally understood why a lot of people don’t like the show Two And A Half Men. In fact, I’m actually trying to flesh out ideas for a show of my own… I’ve been hatching out ideas and decided to learn how to write a script and try to write a couple of episodes.

Anyway, I typed out a few pages worth of notes and outlines and sent them along, and the response came back. In hindsight, I don’t think I had enough of a filter between the thoughts I was typing out and what I actually meant, because the outlines I produced left a few holes and a lot to be desired. The characters aren’t especially realistic or complete right now, and I’ll have to emend them.

And then it occurred to me that Charlie Sheen’s character on Men is very unrealistic (and not especially likable)… the idea that someone could coast through life, ridiculously wealthy, troubled and incomplete and flawed and still have everything fall into their lap could be very unlikable to a lot of people, even make them a little bitter.

Perspective gained. I’m going to go back and re-write a few things. Good characters are round characters, and not two-dimensional, but damn… I still love that sitcom. I think it’s the only one I watch that wasn’t actually produced in the 90s…


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