The project kid.

I am a man torn in all directions by projects. In all my life, I’ve never much been able to nail one thing down, as I’ve never been able to find only one direction in my interests. It’s really not (exclusively) a matter of not finishing those things that I begin, but a result of having some degree of talent and/or success and never being limited by options.

Obviously, music is a big passion for me. But in addition to it, I’ve always taken a lot of interest in art, design, creative writing, photography, film, and pretty much any other way a person can be creative. It’s really little surprise that I would get all this recording software on my computer and still not have demoed much music at all, since there are so many other things pulling me in.

I have a big writing project that I’m trying to undertake, and despite the fact I’m very interested, it involves writing scripts. Not only is this something I’ve never done before, I think there’s a certain measure of doubt on my part. I am constantly making mental notes and turning ideas over in my head, but I can’t get anything put to paper.

Are there any suggestions out there? Anyone have this sort of issue before, and have any tips on setting and adhering to any type of writing schedules? I’d be unstoppable if I could only get started…

3 Responses to “The project kid.”
  1. Eugen says:

    I feel ya, this happens to me all the time!

    A friend of mine who graduated from photography 2 years ago went through a post-graduate slump, pretty much doing nothing to advance his photography, just working at a bar. Eventually he decided enough was enough.
    What he did was create a list of things he HAD to do everyday, it went something like this.
    -Get info on fashion photographers in Toronto
    -Call 5 photographers each day (about assisting)
    -Go outside
    -Edit work for a portfolio
    -Schedual / prepare for a photoshoot

    Now he’s doing great, working as a photographer/assistant.

    I think if you create a list pin it up and see what you told yourself to do each day, it might just persuade you to do it. Once you develop it into a habit, then your set!

  2. Bobby says:

    That’s a good idea, dude, thanks.

  3. ulyssesred says:


    Oh, I so have much more ideas to keep you on a schedule.
    Remember, it part of my real job – so I can actually get pretty anal about it. Not that I like anal. It’s never been my thing.
    But if you have something for me to look at it, email it to me directly instead of through wordpress and I can get it through other means (I have more than one computer at home, you know).
    I truly enjoy reading other people’s work. It is such a pleasure. I especially enjoy it when I feel like Indiana Jones – as if I’m the one to find this lost treasure and then take it back with me and show it off to the rest of the civilized world.

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