Quick question…

…does anyone know how to write a script? Cos I may be onto something here. Side question: do you think anyone would mind if I killed off Jack Bauer, provided that episode of 24 was super good? Hmm.

One Response to “Quick question…”
  1. ulyssesred says:


    Are you looking for a script format? What I mean to say is that you want to be able to create a template for a document for writing a script? I have tips on that, too. I also have an older piece of wordprocessing software that was designed for the express purpose of writing scripts and screenplays (Yes, Bobby – I have tried to write a million different things and I have rocked them all). If you are a bittorrent kind of fellow it is called ‘Final Draft’ and it should be available.
    My copy is very old, but the premise is still the same.
    One and a half inch margins, all dialogue and direction is to be centre justified. Double space between characters and action and stage direction, no spaces between actual dialogue, and one page is supposed to equal one minute of screen time. So, therefore, a 100 page draft of a screenplay generally means 100 minutes running time.
    And the reason for the centred page is because when actors and directors read your work, they make their own notations on the side.
    But, if you can find a copy of final draft, it’s awesome.
    And, if you email me your land address, I can probably ground mail you my copy of final draft. Again, it’s old but it works.

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