Get to the Working Overtime part! For anyone who doesn’t know, Alan Cross is the host of a number of Canadian radio programs of stellar quality. It all began early in 1993 with The Ongoing History of New Music, produced in Toronto and later syndicated across Canada. Now he runs Edge 102 in Toronto and produces ExploreMusic, a show dedicated to new music discovery that airs every weekday.

During the week, Alan levels a theme challenge to his listeners, and every Friday, he plays the music that was recommended to him. This past Friday, his theme was a weighty one – The Perfect Album.

“The concept of ‘perfection’ when it comes to music is about as subjective as it gets,” he wrote on his Music Geek Blog. “So I knew that when I asked for opinions on flawless albums for today’s Friday Challenge I’d be snowed under. And I was.”

Like many others, I sent him an email early Tuesday morning with my recommendation for his show, an album I hope he listens to and enjoys half as much as I have since it’s release in November of 2006. But in addition to receiving – and replying to – my message, he posted it in its entirety on the post he wrote for the show.

“I wanted to submit this one album to you for consideration of your Friday list, it’s called The Devil And God are Raging Inside Me by a band called Brand New. It’s not immediately accessible to most because it’s a little dark (in tone, not necessarily in message), but every second of it is absolutely brilliant, and I think if you don’t already have it, you stand to love it.

“This record is their third, and the follow up to 2003’s Deja Entendu (itself a very solid album). Devil And God wasn’t released until late in 2006 – the band had completed work on what would be their third album prior to this, but someone leaked all their demos to the Internet – nine songs in total. The band felt so betrayed and outraged that they scrapped all of it and began writing again from scratch, and the result is sheerly mind-blowing.”

So yeahs, whatever. This guy is a hero, it’s a big deal for me. Check out the show online or near you.


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