Worst. Definition. Ever.

This afternoon, Nicole and I were on Facebook, and noticed our friend Slava uploaded a photo of a chocolate failwhale, which seemed not to register until I mentioned that the failwhale is actually a meme and not just jibberish.

Not being very able to explain it, though, we searched and came upon this definitions site… which just happens to feature what I feel is pretty much the worst definition of anything, ever.

You can see it for yourself on the page, but the bit in question is the following:

2. failwhale

An ignorant obese person who does not know his/her place in life. It often shows by being the loudest, most obnoxious person in the room, as an attempt to make up for his/her obesity.

Guy 1: “Look at Tim over there, thinking he’s the center of the freakin’ universe!”
Guy 2: “Well he does have his own gravitation point”
Guy 1: “lol – He just wont recognise his place in life. He’s such a failwhale”
Guy 2: “Amen”

I don’t know anyone on Earth who would ever have a conversation like that. Even just reading it out loud, it sounds like the most ridiculous collection of words ever.

So it totally makes me think that the Urban Dictionary is maintained by its users… which reminds me of this great Wikipedia gag by Amir Blumenfeld, and wonder if the definition wasn’t just someone’s prank the whole time…


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