Wikipedia excerpts, 2049.

Bobby Foley (Canadian musician)

Bobby Foley (born 25 January 1982) is an acclaimed musician, designer, writer, comedian, artist, actor, and entrepreneur most famous for his work in entertainment. He is married to internationally renowned soprano Nicole Stellino (stage name), for whom he gained notoriety for being the first Canadian to write a successive collection of operas entirely in Italian.

Bobby Foley at age 26, in a rare
home photo in 2008.
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1 Early life
2 Career
    2.1 Musical beginnings
    2.2 Drowning Or Waving Designs
    2.3 Breaking into film
    2.4 The Oprah Incident
    2.5 The Secret Projects
    2.7 Business and charity work
3 Works
    3.1 Discography
    3.2 Collected compositions
    3.3 Films to credit
    3.4 Novels and essays
4 Awards
5 Further reading
6 References
7 External links

Early life

Bobby attended Northview Heights Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. He graduated in 2000 and began something of a nomadic life, settling in somewhere in Southern Ontario in the late 2000s.

Although he led a simple, artistic life, Bobby didn’t emerge onto the world stage until 2012, just months after his 30th birthday. Not much is known about him before this, except for the random ramblings he’s preserved on his weblog, Are You Drowning Or Waving?, to which he still publishes to this day.

On the site, he’s referenced his artistic past and love of music. The roots of the speech style known as “bobbyisms” can be found within its archives, as well as early photos and anecdotes of the Right Honourable Prime Minister Erica Paige Foley.


Musical beginnings
Bobby graduated from Fanshawe College at the head of his class in 2012 [citation needed], simultaneously launching a recording career and founding a small graphic design firm in Toronto. His main home somewhere within Toronto city limits is said to have several secret passage ways to allow him access to a full recording studio whenever he has his moments of inspiration…

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  1. Christian says:

    I think that there would be this very famous Company called All Kinds of Talent Entertainment mentioned on there. As well where Bobby got his first push in to stardom, at London Tonight with Bobby Foley

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    My name is Bobby.

    I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things.

    I write occasionally for Smashing Magazine and the London Community News online, and weekly for Interrobang, the student voice newspaper at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

    I've also been published by the Canadian University Press.
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