This past weekend was so full of ups and downs, I couldn’t even bring myself to write anything here. I experienced some fantastic high moments, and crushing lows.

The one constant was family, which were out in spades on Saturday for Nicole’s first ever solo recital. Accompanied by Suzy Smith, she performed sweeping sets featuring the music of Verdi, Poulenc, Berg, Duparc, Andriessen, and Bolcom (you can just go Wiki crazy if you want to).

Nicole, onstage.

Nicole confirmed it afterwards, but even from the audience it seemed very much like the first set by Verdi would be the only challenge, cos by the time she finished it, she was soaring. Clearly exuding confidence, she simply killed the rest of the evening, and all in attendance – from Nicole’s own family (who traveled from Toronto and beyond to be there) to my own friends from work – were simply awestruck by the brilliance of her performance.

She has made arrangements to receive copies on CD and DVD, so believe me when I say that you haven’t heard the last of this magical night.

The rest of the evening was a celebration featuring some of our closest friends from London and Bradford, a lot of coffee, catching up, and cake! Melissa made Nicole a special congratulatory cake, and well… she’s easily the second-best baker in all the world.

Erica, in reds.

I felt the lost hour of sleep especially badly the next day, as I got up early and traveled out to Chatham and back to spend the day with Erica. Sadly, the weekend full of rainstorms dashed my hopes of going to the park, but we did get out of the house for a while. We took Erica for a walk around the neighbourhood (meaning I carried her) and we checked out cool houses. One was all yellow up top. Another had six windchimes.

She’s pretty much past all the chicken pox, although especially adorable in that now, every freckle or mole on my face or arms is a chicken pock, and she is very concerned for me.

Seeing as it’s getting to be the end of the school year, UWO students of all ranges of experience are having recitals left and right, and (not unlike last week, and even the week before) I’ll be in attendance of many of them, having met a lot of great people since Nicole started in September.

It doesn’t mean much, excepting to say that I won’t likely write too much of substance here. Don’t drift too far away, though, there’s a lot building up.


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