Thoughts on Survivor 18: Tocantins.

Immediately off the truck and the two pre-determined tribes are already voting outcasts? I guess when people stop judging books by their covers, they’ll stop karma-shitting themselves into miserable four-hour hikes.

The show kicked way into high gear before I could even preface that I am passing over Nicole’s laptop to use my iPod to write this. The key then is going to be quality over quantity… substance, in as much as the show will actually allow.

So here we are, being introduced to the new crop of contestants. And here I am, instantly annoyed by almost each and every one of them. It seems as though with each passing season, the players become less and less socially able.

Making unsolicited comments about losing your baby fat on the hike and doing other people the favour of letting them in on your intense strategies will only paint a target on your back. Or get you beat up by all the other girl guides… I guess it depends on exactly where you are at the time…

Whoa, I just made myself a glass of chocolate milk on the commercial, and I’ve totally nearly goned it. How random is that?

The only name I really know at this point is Sandy – the old woman on the red tribe. She’s already completely alienated everyone on her tribe, and she’s locked in a fuck-everyone-else attitude that you simply can’t escape if you don’t even know what a “pace” is or what a palm tree looks like.

It’s getting to be quite late (Nicole was working late, so hello time-shifting TV), and the reds are heading to tribal council, so I’m simply going to wrap here and look forward to next week, discussing the old woman who got voted off for being stupid.

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