I started to miss you.

Marianas Trench, Cross My Heart

My favourite band of local boys are finally back from working on what is undoubtedly going to be a brilliant new record, Masterpiece Theatre.

Above is the video for their current single (and the new album’s first), Cross My Heart – do yourself a favour and watch it in HD (little button in the bottom right corner).

Though it’s been a long and impatient wait since the release of Fix Me late in 2006, but the time has been put to good use. Despite pressure for a quick follow-up, the boys invested the time needed to ensure every second of the record met their artistic demands… and in particular, those of guitarist/vocalist Josh Ramsay.

The album is a “high-concept fantasy” work, featuring a recurring theme; the title track appears in three forms at three separate points on the album, including opening and closing positions. Ramsay channeled Brian Wilson in attempting to make a record both ingenious and lush, yet true to the band’s upbeat rock nature.

And early feedback on the record is very positive – it’s being described already as “a work of soaring ambition and decisive technical prowess.” It features four different producers: Dave Genn of MGB and 54-40; Dave Ogilvie of Jakalope (who has produced Skinny Puppy and Marilyn Manson); Greig Nori of Treble Charger (who has produced Autopilot Off and Iggy Pop); and Our Lady Peace’s Raine Maida.

An excerpt from the band’s Myspace page describes the closing track: “by the time “Masterpiece Theatre” is reprised for a final, climactic time, every other song on the album is quoted and incorporated into an intricately constructed dramatic revue that swings from pristine pop, to propulsive riff rock, to quasi-doo wop, to robotic new wave, and finally into a wholly satisfying thematic payoff.”

Needless to say, I am very excited about the disc coming out, and to find out on February 24th whether or not it “demonstrates a startling compositional maturity compared to the Marianas Trench of two years ago.” At this point, the band probably couldn’t do any wrong in my eyes… but regardless, you’re going to hear far more about them and their new album over the coming weeks and months.

One Response to “I started to miss you.”
  1. Simon Tonekham says:

    I’m quite excited to hear more from the album! :)

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