Best of 2008.

I was recently inspired by my best mate to review my favourite music from last year (in order to make him a CD of the resultant tracks for his birthday), and thought I’d share the result with you. In reverse order.

#03 .: Senses Fail, Life Is Not A Waiting Room

Senses Fail, Life Is Not A Waiting Room
Though Senses Fail quickly became one of my favourite bands after the release of their second album, Still Searching, they fell completely off of my radar. I remember waiting impatiently for news on the upcoming record, and checking frequently, but then… I don’t know.

(In all honesty, it’s likely that I simply became too dependent upon Facebook updates to let me know about such things. I am only slightly ashamed.)

Anyway, I was at the mall around the start of December, and just looking around when I decided to kill some time in a record store. I can spend years in those places, particularly when the music is as good as it was then – so good, in fact, that I had to know what it was that was being broadcast over the PA system.

“The new Senses Fail,” the dude behind the counter told me. “It’s pretty sweet.”

“There’s a new Senses Fail??” I got so angry. Turns out the new record, Life Is Not A Waiting Room, had been out for close to six weeks, and I had had no idea the whole time.

Upon obtaining it and listening, I can say that it’s nearly every bit as solid as its predecessor; though there are a couple of tracks that seem almost out of character in their radio-friendliness, the collective of songs feels very much in keeping with the tone and sound of the band that I had grown to love.

Listening to this album, there are going to be a few songs you might find yourself skipping. Everything else, though, is going to be played repeatedly, and played loud. This is exactly the sort of pumped-up rock record I was hoping for, and I love it.

Though the first single off of Waiting Room is a song called Family Tradition, I’m opting instead to include the song Four Years in the video above. I think it’s a solid example of the middle ground on the album between the overly radio-friendly tracks and the more hardcore numbers, and besides that it’s just good.

Check out Life Is Not A Waiting Room soon, and discover what will surely be your new favourite record for driving, walking, and the like.

Official site | more about the band.


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