Amp techs.


Today’s project: to do a little work on my Fender Super amp in order to make it sound better. See, lately I’ve been getting the signal breaking up when I attempt to adjust any of the levels on the signal; adjusting the volume, gain, or bass levels on the channels didn’t do anything, but the sound would distort and cut in and out if I tried to tune the mids or trebles, or if I adjusted the reverb.

We began by pulling off the panel and dusting everything out. After making sure that not of the soldering work had loosened or degraded on any of the speakers, we tested and tested at length to determine the specific causes and how to isolate them, and then decided we’d try to get into the panel to look at the knobs and pots themselves, see if they needed a cleaning.

Problem is, the visibly apparent ways to get into the panel don’t work, and forcing it would likely involve ungluing the amp itself, so we decided to can that idea, and instead remove and clean out all the amps. After a polishing of those and another cleaning and double-check over the electronics, we put it back together and tested it out, and noticed a big improvement in the sound.

So we’re proud. And after a little more time and observation, I’ll be able to report affirmatively whether or not we’re as good as we feel right now.


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