“One of the things we’re having to study and train at work is different switched access (dial tone) services there are in the world of telephony. One of those services deal with trunks, voice of low speed data lines that direct phones, take calls, your basic telephone hub.

“Call comes in, the trunk gives it to the first open line that it sees. Whomever happens to pick up gets the call, there’s no specific extension or anything applied. Very standard call centre equipment, don’t even worry about it. Problem is, every time people say the word ‘trunks’ I have the lyrics to The Thong Song flood into my mind.

“She had dumps like a truck truck truck
Thighs like what what what
Baby move your butt butt butt
Uh, let me sing it again
She had dumps like a truck truck truck
Thighs like what what what
All night long… let me see that thong

“I like it when the beat goes da na da na
Baby make your booty go da na da na
Girl I know you wanna show da na da na
That thong th thong thong thong”

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    My name is Bobby.

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