Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

8:01 pm What. The. Fuck.

8:03 pm So wait, Survivor is being postponed? For football? Is that unorthodox, or is it just me? I don’t even like King Of The Hill.

8:31 pm Finally.

8:35 pm Very much enjoying the recap. I could honestly do without it at the start of each show, but I do see the point for those that don’t get the opportunity to watch every week, and also don’t go out of their way to watch the episodes they’ve missed by any means necessary.

So the finale is upon us. I enjoyed the character summations provided by Jeff Probst, and his apt description of Kenny in particular as a backstabber who is ready to lie and steal every advantage he can.

8:40 pm Our dinner arrived. Excuse me.

8:43 pm Sugar is brilliant in her assessment of the need to get to Kenny before he gets to anyone else. She’s setting him up for a huge fall, and he’s… threatening to take Bob out of the running? Tree mail reveals that this is the episode they paint themselves up like maniacs…

8:47 pm Hilarious; Nicole pegged Susie to have the most trouble digging a hole large enough to climb under the wall, and she was the first one through. Bob and Matty being so far behind is a huge surprise… this is craziness.

And before long, due to the racing aspect, Matty is way ahead! Yet as he has a puzzle to do now in order to finish, is this going to be another huge upset? I want so much to see Sugar to win something again. And not just cos I picked her to win, but because she’s the power player and I’d like to see that assured.

8:51 pm So big surprise, Bob solved his puzzle first to win immunity, and Susie is a big loser, walking her way laming into dead last. I honestly don’t think she has anything to fear, but it’s worth pointing out that Sugar is trying to convince Kenny that Susie should go next, though secretly the plan is to oust Kenny. But will it happen that way? My hopes (and prediction) would be for Kenny to go next, tricked into a blindside to be followed by Susie. A final three of Sugar, Matty, and Bob would be amazing…

8:57 pm Amazing. Matty is working on Kenny now, who is lulled completely into a false sense of security. Instead of playing and strategizing, he’s kicking back in the hammock in the knowledge he’s got nothing to worry about.

Here’s a broad prediction: no one will underestimate any in this game ever again. Nobody gave Sugar the credit to do anything she’s done along the way, and now she’s in a great place to win the prize.

9:01 pm Discussion: Matty admires Bob as a competitor, and can’t figure out how he wins every challenge (hint: every challenge ends in a puzzle); Kenny feels as though he’s repaired any damage he’s done since the start of the game; Susie feels worried that she’s vulnerable, since everyone’s left her out of the loop. Lots of player saying lots of stupid things, and plenty of entertaining reactions from everyone assembled. Classic.

9:10 pm For the first time, it seems Susie is getting nervous. Even now with Kenny out, she’s seeing the ‘reality check’ in front of her. But like, how do you get to be one of four remaining players in the game before waking up to realize that you’re in a serious situation?

9:19 pm I really respect the time they take to review all the players that came and went along the series; I so rarely get the opportunity to run down a list of people I can’t stand for one reason or another. “Ugh… hate that guy… couldn’t stand him… he’s a dick…”

9:26 pm The tradition is broken – no endurance challenge for final immunity!

9:32 pm This house of cards challenge is another creative twist in the game, and won by… Susie!? What the fuck happened there? Matty had a great method with a solid structure, but couldn’t catch up. And Sugar built unstable seven foot towers three times! Evidently she couldn’t hear Nicole and I screaming at her to simply stop and keep her lead.

And now what? The unthinkable has happened, and either Bob, Matty, or Sugar needs to be voted out of the top three. Two players are going to the end with Susie (and will have a huge advantage, cos frankly, no one is going to give Susie the money), but someone from the trio who really deserves to be there is going to have to leave.

I honestly feel good about the three of them, and wish it were going to be different. I far prefer in this game for the people to make it to the end that play honourably and straight.

9:39 pm Susie has no tact whatsoever. Everybody has come to the consensus that Bob will have to go, since he’s the biggest threat and would win hands down. So everyone is bummed, and Susie won’t fucking stop asking him how amazing it is that she won and what he would do if he made it instead of her.

Leave it to Sugar to engineer a way for Bob to have a chance – she’s proposed forcing a tie in the votes in tribal council in order to force a challenge between he and Matty. Thing is, if she mentioned it to Matty, it didn’t show us here on television…

9:48 pm The suspense is getting to me, I need to be held.

9:50 pm Sugar voted a tie and forced a fire-making contest! However… Bob’s been practicing all day. Here goes nothing…

9:53 pm In the spirit of fairness and competition, Bob built a fire that ended the challenge. I’m not thrilled at all to see Matty go, but the situation’s immediate sadness is considerably lessened for the fact that it was a fair contest.

10:02 pm Here come the season finale staples – the brunch feast and the burning of the campground. It’s insanely cliche, and I don’t much care for it, but at the very least, I will be very happy to never hear the expression ‘Nobag’ ever again.

I don’t know what to say about the tribal council we’re about to see… Susie hasn’t done shit to deserve anyone’s vote for a million dollars; I think it’s a safe bet to say that only Bob and Sugar are really in the running, and it’s going to be interesting to see it play out.

Bob is very popular, but Sugar is the commanding mental gamer. Should it be awarded to the pinup model that was underestimated by everyone around her, or the physics teacher who played his heart out?

I don’t know how to keep writing from here. Honestly, the result is the result, and I sure won’t have to declare the winner when it happens. Now is the perfect time simply to sit back and watch it play out, I think.


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