Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

Sugar!8:01 pm Funny how the editors superimposed footage of a snake over Kenny’s face during the recap, cos it appears as though my fears were correct in that he’s dug himself into a deeper hole than he can handle by voting for Matty.

Strategic move or no, Matty is far too invested in the game to be able to shrug off the gesture. And though Kenny seems safe with his numbers, no amount of explanation can fix that.

8:06 pm I love that Kenny wasted no time in confronting Bob about the second fake and forcing him to reveal his bluff. Kenny has made some smart plays of late, as now he’s got bob firmly in his pocket. And of course, is attracting all the attention for himself.

Maybe he had a few strategy video games… I don’t know.

8:10 pm Matty is wasting no time in showing that he is dead serious about being in this game. Out of the gate, he’s going full blast, trying to put his physical advantages to use in order to get and maintain a lead over the others.

Though there’s no way that he could know (since he’s not watching the show while he’s on it), he’s exactly right in his fears that he’s going to be voted out. Though if Bob is true to his word about giving the immunity necklace to Kenny (should he win it), is Matty going to be safe another week? It’s sort of difficult to know who is the larger threat…

8:17 pm Sure, a reward challenge is a great chance for everyone involved to strategize and touch base with their alliances, but who can focus on the game with a feast of a meal and a troupe of gorillas performing dinner theatre? Tonight: The King And I.

8:21 pm Oh, man… Bob realizing a kindred connection in the gorillas – and inherently the connection between the primate and human species – is a spiritual experience? I bet Nicole just found him that much cuter.

8:24 pm Matty is psyching himself up a for a big fight, and to his chagrin, Sugar isn’t offering her support or her idol. Bob is aligning with Kenny and Crystal, and it’s a safe bet that Sugar will join with them to assure her own endurance. Susie is ridiculously safe in that no one cares for her and she presents no threat at all.

8:29 pm Sugar is stepping up! It’s so refreshing to see her stand up for Matty, and defend him for the solid player he is. And Sugar’s assessment is right – Kenny and Crystal have been jumping ship left and right to further themselves in the game.

Which is not a bad strategy, necessarily, but there’s no honour in it. Nothing at all to do with alliances, simply just consistent betrayal.

8:33 pm I love the fact that they take such measures to level the playing field when it comes to the challenges. Blindfolded, they have to recreate tribal makes only by feel, zipping in and out of an obstacle course. Matty had the right idea by gathering all of his pieces first, but once again was bested by Bob.

Are we going to see Bob offer Kenny the immunity necklace? Will Sugar sway him into voting against Crystal and creating a new alliance, one that awards the players that put in the effort and punishes dishonour? And will Sugar provide Matty the immunity idol she’s been saving so long, or was her attempt to assuage Matty simply a promise on the effort of saving him through the recruitment of others?

8:41 pm Post-challenge atmosphere has set in, and Kenny’s eagerness to get the necklace is betraying him; he’s now nagging Bob for the thing, using a flimsy ploy about being scared of a blindside.

The huge thing is, Crystal and Kenny immediately made plans to vote Bob out in the event of him surrendering up the necklace. This is going to be a huge tribal council… really difficult to see how this is going to play out. There are simply no clues going into this vote to predict what’s going to happen…

8:48 pm I cannot believe that Kenny just outed Bob in front of everybody about giving him the necklace. Bob has got to see what Sugar is talking about now, that Kenny is running on all gears now just trying to get him to make himself vulnerable. Please, oh please, I hope Bob comes to his senses.

8:55 pm This couldn’t have ended any better… Sugar saved Matty by giving him the immunity idol she’s had since the beginning, and Bob stood his ground against Kenny’s feeble “meager schoolboy” act and kept the necklace for himself. Crystal got blindsided and is finally (oh my fuck, finally) off the game.

It’s important to reflect on what we’ve learned. Or specifically, what Kenny has learned. He’s learned that he isn’t as safe as he’d like. He’s learned that the other players are smarter than they gave him credit for. He’s learned that despite the power he thought he had, the only true power player in this game for the past countless weeks has been Sugar. And he’s learned what it truly feels like, now, to have your days numbered.

The season finale is next, and all the cards will soon be on the table. I for one, can’t wait… but I have no idea what I’m going to write about on Thursday nights until the next season begins in… what, February?


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