Tales from Tech Support.

This morning I spoke very briefly to the shadiest sounding guy… he called in and spoke in a very hushed, alert tone, very nervous sounding. And the screen I get when someone calls usually has phone numbers and general information open up, but not this time.

“Um, hi… hi. So, I already had, you know, your model 3200- I mean, um, 2200 modem, okay? And I, uh… I got this, this other one, I got one of your wireless rooters, or routers, and I was just wondering, like… you know, can I just use it? Like, in place of the other?”

“Absolutely, sure. The wireless ones all work as modems as well, so you can definitely replace the older modem with it.”

“Okay, so like, um… I’m don’t, you know, have to change any of its settings, right? Like I don’t have to do anything?”

“Well, I’m not too sure. I can have a look at the connection type and modem stats on your service here and let you know for sure, if you’d just tell me what the telephone number is that you’ve got your high-speed Internet on?”



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