Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

So it’s December 4th, and WordPress has unveiled it’s latest brainchild in the 2.7 platform, the latest and slickest update in any blogging tool I’ve seen. It’s also Thursday, though, and that means that it’s Survivor night in this little corner of Wortley. So with the spirit of reinvention in mind, I give you…

8:01 Corinne is really losing it – “tribe full of mutants”? That’s craziness… I wonder about her thought process, truly; she’s constantly remarking about being surrounded by people that she hates, and she’s made alienating those around her into an art form.

So in all honesty, who does she expect to have pulling for her in the event that she makes it into the final three? Who on the jury is going to be her ace in the hole?

8:06 Is Kenny really so arrogant as to think that he has such an impact over the fate and outcome of the game? Does he really consider himself so shithot as to brag so much about his grip over the game? It’s getting to be a little hard to watch.

8:10 Honestly, I’d been waiting so long for the ‘messages from home’ thing to happen, I had forgotten that they even do that. It’s always nice to see the sentiments. “Fill up your heart,” indeed.

8:13 I love to see the old tradition of rock-paper-scissors upheld in a formal competition. Choosing the team in such a way was really cool, but it’s crazy that Corinne got left out entirely in such a way. You just know we’re not going to hear the end of this.

Bob taking the point and solving the puzzle with the sprockets was great – in Nicole’s words, he won them the challenge. And then, true to form, blows the sliding puzzle out of the water… people think they’re far tougher to solve than they really are – the trick is always moving three pieces at a time.

8:21 Turns out the family members are there after all. Nicole thinks that Bob is really cute with his wife. But then, she thinks all old people are cute. I think she and they are kind of weird…

8:26 Okay, while I think that the family visits are generally overly sappy (though I admit I could probably relate under similar circumstances), Matty proposing to his girlfriend with a necklace he made himself in Africa is touching, and the sweetest moment I’ve seen in the history of the series.

Also, kudos for not running back to the tribe and declaring the engagement, cos I’d hate to think he was trying to curry favour in any way. I like my champions to play a clean game.

8:32 Bob never ceases to amaze. Now he’s concocted a plan to assemble and pass off a second ‘hidden’ immunity idol. He must honestly be one of the most ingenious minds in the show’s history. Or, as Nicole would say, “crafty.”

8:35 Sugar dominates once again; I’m feeling hugely good about rooting for her all this time. But the trivia challenge becomes a targeting challenge! Does Bob’s background in Physics really make that much of a difference? Does it truly give him an advantage, or is he just duping everyone with careful, patient luck?

8:42 The Day The Earth Stood Still. Looks. Amazing.

8:45 The trap is laid… and true to character, Kenny is jumping sides at the first hint of trouble. And of course, he’s taking Crystal along with him. It only goes to show how clueless they really are, and the fact that their success in this game has largely been due to luck and the good will of the stronger players they’ve aligned with.

Though I must admit, I admire the contingency they’ve developed in order to ensure Corinne isn’t trying to play a fake idol (by voting for her enough to eliminate her without protection). If she even tries to play the fake, she’s going to be ousted as the overwhelming number of remaining players will still be voting for her. But how will it play out?

And why, why is nobody trying to part Sugar with her real immunity idol? This remaining crew of Survivors isn’t quite prioritizing.

8:50 Tribal council is amazing – Crystal and Kenny are totally sending themselves up the river by revealing their hands. If Matty isn’t voted out tonight, the plot is only going to be too obvious. Will this divide the remaining alliances?

8:53 Corinne didn’t stand up. No idol.

8:55 Correction: Corinne stood up… to leave. I must actually hand it to Kenny for playing that safety against a fake idol. Reading back everything I had to say about Bob, I owe Kenny a pretty big apology. He too is proving to be very ingenious, and actually seems as though he’s starting to shine.

But is his vote for Matty going to hurt him now that council has ended? And is there anything at all that can save Bob from being voted out next week? He’s going to have win and retain the individual immunity necklace in order to continue.

8:58 Way to waste your final moment in Survivor history by bitching about Sugar, Corinne. Way to.

5 Responses to “Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.”
  1. Bobby says:

    Okay, so I admit, this is really becoming more like “questions about Survivor,” but in my defense I’m trying not to recap so much as inspire speculation. And also make a few predications…

  2. Nicole says:

    I do not think all old people are cute. Only the cute ones.

  3. Nicole says:

    Also, I called Bob crafty because he has a talent for making things. Those “idols” looked amazing!

  4. Bobby says:

    You call everybody “crafty.” A few weeks back I started saying it in a Sarah Palin voice.

  5. haliavava says:

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