Rejected superheroes and their powers.

  • “Every Man” : Superman-like character with an innate understanding and empathy toward women; macho yet understanding visage masks deeply packed anti-masculine hatred and a self-loathing for being a man.

  • “Day Man” : fighter of the Night Man, champion of the sun.

  • “The Eraser” : hyper-intelligent being that can see a short distance into the future, but can only relay his visions to others by drawing them out comic-style. Also, absolutely killer at sudoku puzzles, but doesn’t like crosswords as he can only really spell out words if he can write them down and see them.

  • “Balletrina” : statuesque blonde whose only ability is to become incredibly clumsy in the days leading up to her period.

  • “The Alien” : hero from space whose power is derived from a guitar that bursts forth with energy as he plays… unfortunately, he’s self-taught and his powers are limited to Kiss-style pentatonic scale solos, so it really only kind of tickles annoyingly.

  • “The Sweetheart” (retired) : armed with powers of persuasion, she left the crime-fighting scene to take up acting; she hasn’t been seen since that walk-on role on 24 failed to garner any more work.

  • “Jon” : some dude in a Death Cab t-shirt who stands in the corner and acts out scenes from films starring Vince Vaughan (used as a diversion, perhaps?).

  • “The Cliche” : in real life, a single mother of five that’s raising her children while putting herself through Law in night school so she needn’t harass her deadbeat ex-husband for payments – most criminals surrender in her presence to spare themselves a lecture about “how hard life really is” (tentatively portrayed by Julia Roberts).

  • “Antman.”

One Response to “Rejected superheroes and their powers.”
  1. Nicole says:

    I want to know more about Antman!

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