Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

1. This recap is really something else – they’re recapping back like two or three episodes. Afterwards, we’re subject to the usual post-tribal banter from the remaining players… like they know the first thing about what’s going to happen to them. And what gives with Bob? I’m not even going to reprint that joke.

2. Ooh, maybe this is finally going to be the episode where somebody gets eaten; they’ve been promoting the show like something extreme like that’s going to happen… I’m just curious as to when.

3. There really aren’t that many people left… shouldn’t they be eliminating people to fill the jury now? It seems like they’re getting really short on folks. At least, folks that aren’t as annoying as shit.

4. Kenny has a lot to learn about shutting his mouth – the last thing he should’ve done when the Fang tribe reacted to Marcus’ voting out was defend it like a stubborn jackass. It’s frustrating to see players being carried by the efforts of others who can only complain about every little thing.

And I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but when he was strutting about the camp after the reward challenge, watching him posture about himself reminded me of watching Jeff Goldblum when he’s making fun of himself, exaggerating his own acting style. Ridiculous.

5. So many things are awesome when you combine them somehow with golf. Frisbee… slingshots, evidently. Also, Nicole very much enjoys that Jeff is pronouncing it ‘fang’ instead of ‘fong’. I am decidedly indefferent.

6. Did I mention that I hate Randy? He is another player that would do well to shut the hell up from time to time. Like that business about the tribal dancer chick coming on to him. Seriously? Seriously.

7. Bob is my new hero. The business about making a fake immunity idol in order to throw off the other players is ingenious, or as Nicole has become prone to saying since Halloween, crafty.

8. Randy: “There’s no way I’m going back with Crystal. She’ll be going or I’ll be going.” I would not be upset with either side of that outcome. Perhaps I’m speaking out of hatred, perhaps I’m a little in shock that Susie proved to be the most useful of the remaining players – I was hoping so hard for Sugar.

Nah… it’s just hatred. Fuck.

9. Sugar has got the right idea, and is proving Corinne to be very wrong – she’s not dumb, she’s not naive, she’s just got a bad habit of trusting openly. In the end, she’s just got to read between the lines, and pick up on the bits in between the two factions of the tribe coming along and asking for her vote.

That, and considering she’s got the immunity idol, she just needs to find that one person to trust, that one who will let her know when to play it. And she’s right, those people aren’t Kenny or Crystal, not Corinne or Randy… she’s got to make what she can of the people that are left… cos as the swing vote, she’s not going to be able to change her call…

10. Just tell me that result didn’t come down to Sugar’s vote. You can’t. Watch for Randy to make life hell, being forced to live in close quarters with Crystal. And watch, I bet Bob and Matty are going to all but fade into the background, keeping themselves seen and not heard (as so many others should)…


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