Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

New atmosphere in the Fang tribe – Sugar is a power player, and Crystal is offering other the opportunity to wipe the slate clean… meaning she wants them to forget the reasons they should put her name down next. Which they will do, if things don’t start much to change in the game. Which they are about to…

“Tree-mail’s got ‘merge’ written all over it.” So… is it really going to be a merge, or are we talking another wild card circumstance in which the players are all torn down to their moral core?? Isn’t it obvious? There’s an immunity idol in the middle of their tribe feast! Kudos to Marcus for coming up with the notion of leveling the playing field by tossing it out to sea, and making Randy (asshole!) think it was all his idea.

Update! Not a merge, but two new tribes! When will these people ever learn? They don’t get to predict anything. Predicting is for the Bobby Foleys.

On the lighter side, I always enjoy when tribes swap members, cos there’s always a fantastic scene in which those select members of the winning team first get to the shitty camp, and don’t even try to mask their distaste.

It is interesting the fact that the tribe with the former advantage of numbers still has that advantage of numbers now, split evenly in two. Theoretically, sure, they could hang on to the advantage and carry each other into the merge and beyond, but I don’t see it happening; there’s far too much dissent among a few members of the (former) Kota tribe.

Take Susie, for example. She needs to stop going around trying to rally people against Marcus – he is far too liked, far too valuable to not catch word of it. Remember that scene in The Usual Suspects When Kevin Spacey cracks and defends himself for not taking the shot at Keyser Soze? What happens if you take you’re shot at the Devil and miss?

Prediction: The final six players in this game will not all be members of the (former) Kota tribe. No chance.

And now Sugar knows the price of being a power player – she fell for the bullshit that Crystal and Kenny were saying about Ace manipulating her. Now that she’s spoken to Matty, and knows that Ace never posed any threat to her at all, she’s in tears? You have to pay the cost to be the boss.

Moving along, that immunity challenge was off the hook with intensity. And you’ll have to ask Nicole to confirm, but I called right away that the new Kota (Marcus, Bob, Crystal, Kenny, Susie) would lose. I no sooner said Crystal’s name to declare her the first one out than she failed miserably. In addition, Susie and Kenny are equally useless.

I have to say, Bob really stood out and impressed – the only member of Kota with any real staying power. Luckily, my prediction turned out to be correct and Matty dug deep enough to hang on the longest, saving the new Fang tribe (Sugar, Corinne, Charlie, Randy) from having to send out one of their own.

I must say, Crystal is getting to be dangerously full of herself. Is she saving some real juice for the end? Is it a major strategic move on her part to under-perform in all the challenges in an effort to blow everyone out of the water once play switches to individual accomplishments? No.

And it’s a horrible idea for her to give Susie so much power going into the vote. Though she and Kenny have technically engineered a couple of blindsides, they aren’t displaying the kind of mastery or tact associated with such ingenuity; Crystal gloating about her hold on the tribe and tribe members is reminiscent of Kenny gloating about incorporating Kelly into his own little alliance. That so blew up.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy discussion – as I wrote, it became less and less like ten random thoughts and observations and more like a running commentary, as though this were a sporting event. I’m sure I’ll be lazier next week.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.”
  1. Nicole says:

    It’s true, you did call Kota’s loss. So much for Marcus being too valuable to blindside :op

  2. Bobby says:

    True enough, I thought he’d at least get wind of it somehow and mount some sort of safety.

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