Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

1. Amazing… Crystal sets herself up for a huge fall within the first minute of the game. Sure, I mean, spill the tribe’s food all over the place. But don’t draw negative attention upon yourself by being a bitch and starving yourself afterwards. Tribes share successes and failures, making yourself stand out for any reason is not a good idea.

2. Hey! A hilarious trailer commercial on Tv for the new Seth Rogen movie. Is this going to be a highlight of the next hour? Ugh… I hope not.

3. I think Sugar is real cool, I just wish she weren’t so useless; she really blew it for the Fang tribe in that reward challenge (hey Nicole, I said ‘blew it’ instead of ‘fucked the fuck up’!).

Does she deserve a fifth trip to exile island? I don’t know… I can’t decide if she’s continually being sent there due to strategy, or rather a lack thereof.

4. Man, there are so many useless people yet to go in this game… so much of the Kota tribe sits out every match.

5. Bob wailing loudly upon getting the gift of letters from home has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I’m not sorry.

6. Playing for individual immunity already?? My, my… so each tribe is going to vote someone out tonight? I truly think Crystal is getting voted out for Fang, but for Kota?

I know Dan feels like he has a target on his back, but I think that Susie is far more useless to them at this point. But then if they’re going to be going for individual immunity from now on, are they going to be merging? Cos then Dan would be the obvious choice to go.

He eats too much, he’s annoying, and his constant pandering for attention and approval have gone unpunished only so far as they haven’t had to choose anyone to leave yet. All things considered, very tough to predict that one.

7. I’m so happy that Sugar did so well in the immunity challenge – that log roll challenge looked so awesome. I’m equally happy that Marcus awarded her the second immunity challenge, after they’ve tortured her so much in exile. I gladly take back the comment about her being useless.

8. Sugar has agreed to vote out Ace?? This could be huge.

9. Tribal Council, Fang .: I can`t believe Crystal is being such a psychotic bitch. This is exactly the sort of negative attention I was talking about earlier. Please be Crystal gone, please be Crystal gone…

10. Tribal Council, Kota .: Here it comes. Dan appears to be drawing negative attention upon himself, standing out in a bad way while pandering for safety. But what’s this? Susie suddenly seems to have a false sense of security. And why not, sure, cos the Kota tribe hasn’t had to worry about voting anyone out yet.

I don’t understand what Corinne is getting so bent out of shape about. So Susie happened to make a comment about voting for her. What’s the big deal? Without that one dropped joke (which I kinda think it was meant to be), she’d still be pulling Susie along for fun.

Is this going to be enough to keep Dan safe for another week? It seems not. Susie managed to squeak by, and she had better hope for a merge if she wants any chance of carrying on. Because of such, it’s going to be pretty tough to predict what can happen next week. But I’ll be here if you will.


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