Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

I eat babies and poo-poo!

I eat babies and poo-poo!

1. “I’m not going to break that for a million dollars. Not for five million dollars.”   “Okay then, how about five million and one doll-”   “Sold.”

Matty and Ace form the next big alliance, bringing Sugar and Kenny along for the ride.

2. I don’t know, do you think the Kota tribe would vote off Dan just so that there was more food to go around? I totally think they would, but I bet if so, they’ll blame it upon something else.

3. That reward challenge was cool, I would love to have a chance to do something like that. Note to self: must find out if there’s some sort of Survivor camp nearby…

4. Randy is such an asshole. You don’t much see examples of sore winners, particularly when those individuals were solid subscribers to the losing quotient up until… what? A single week ago?

“More than winning, I love watching them lose.” Which annoys the shit out of me, seeing as how the only thing he’s contributed to the game has been a trio of goals in water polo that were handed to him by a teammate doing all the work.

5. Seriously, doesn’t Dan realize how much negative attention he’s drawing upon himself? I don’t think I’ve drooled over a plate of food like that since I was a young rotund boy living in Bavaria in the 1890s. I love sausage!

6. Tell me they didn’t just kill and eat Raphael.

7. That immunity challenge is amazing, the tension was off the charts. I got legitimately excited when Fang caught up in the challenge and then familiarly disappointed when they fell apart at the end cos they couldn’t work together.

Ace is a liability. Sure, he has the potential to be a strong competitor, and definitely has some leadership qualities about him. But it’s being lost in the fact that he’s trying to be such a loner. It’s not time to play the individual game yet. And if Sugar hadn’t just given him that immunity idol, I feel very strongly that he’d be on his way home.

The true tragedy of the Fang tribe is Matty – he’s being held back by everyone else. He is one of those true blue players, strong and able and willing to give 200%. He reminds me of Ethan back from Season 3 when they filmed in Africa.

8. Maybe the idea of drinking port while watching the show isn’t the best. I mean, I thought it would be calming, but it only angries up the blood.

9. If there’s going to be a blindside tonight, it’ll be because Crystal gets voted off. If there is a Jeebus, that would be my wish.

10. I’m not sorry to see Kelly go home, in the sense that I’m not sad to see an opening act leave the stage at a rock show. She’s done her bit; it wasn’t amazing, there was nothing special about her presence, she brought nothing unique or memorable to the experience.

So thanks for that, for whatever it’s worth, and let’s get back to business. Next week, Crystal gets voted off, or my name isn’t Bobby Danger Safety Bond Foley.


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