Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

1. I don’t remember who said it on the show a few weeks ago, but Ace’s accent is pretty bizarre. Sometimes it’s stronger than others, sometimes it’s hardly noticeable at all. I don’t know what to think…

2. Seriously, it’s spelled ‘noticeable’?? That’s what the spellchecker says, at least. I don’t know, something about that ‘e’ looks way weird in there… like, someone got lazy and just threw the ‘able’ there on the end.

3. I can’t lie, I’m just waiting like crazy for the part where the elephant freaks out. You know? Like they showed in the commercial last we- oh, here it is!

Seriously? This is awesome. Is he freaking out, or showing off? Cos something about him is looking pissed. Like, the way he’s lurking in the foliage like that makes me think he’s capable of pouncing.

4. I would not be upset if Ace got fucked up by that elephant. And I’m not sorry.

5. Dan is pretty smart, and 100% correct: right after the merge, they’re going to have to vote together if they’re going to have any chance at all of lasting. But then, didn’t he just join that tribe? I guess it does kind of feel like pandering. Forget what I was saying.

6. Wow, check out the heat in the Fang tribe… bickerin’, triflin’, eatin’ they rice. Snap!

Seriously? I want very badly for the camera to again show the food they have spread out at the Koda tribe. Or at the very least, to show the food that Sugar has, having been sent to Exile Island – again! I want it so bad, like I want to change the channel when those Christian Mission commercials come on television and make little African kids look pathetic. Is that bad?

7. Marcus: “This tribe’s floatin’ … G.C.’s losin’ it. Crystal’s buggin’.” And then G.C. throws a tantrum and walks off right before they have to go for their immunity challenge? I’m just going to go on out there and predict that if they somehow don’t vote him out in this episode, he’s just going to come out and quit in the next one.

I hate pimps.

8. Shield in the face? I hate divers even more than I hate pimps.

9. Does anyone know of a rule that states the players can’t just take that fucking immunity idol and hide it? I mean, why go through someone’s bag and know it’s there, worry about how to play the votes, and attempt to work your plans around it? Why not simply hide the thing for a couple of days?

Sure, I bet there’s a rule against stealing the thing and playing it yourself, but I’m not even talking about that. Just put it up in a tree for a day, shake things up. I so would, and I wouldn’t even lie about it.

10. I can’t tell if Sugar is incredibly clever or incredibly ignorant of what just happened there in the tribal council. Did she know they went through her bag? Did she want them to know she has the idol? Did she know they wouldn’t vote for her for a blindside, and if so, how?

Cos face it, there is a chance, however slight, that she might be the most insightful and intelligent player ever. Or on the other hand, that she’s simply the most obtuse…

See you next week.


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