Submitted for your consideration… I think this American election campaign has been going on way too long. I mean, I don’t remember when it was called, but I know we’ve been seeing the various candidates on the campaign trail for a ridiculous amount of time now.

I think the Americans could stand to learn a lot here from Canadian politics. Under the Canada Elections Act, the minimum a campaign can run is 36 days, with the longest campaign on record coming in at 74 days in 1926. With the oversights on partisan spending in place in Canada, candidates are required to keep their campaigns as brief as possible. Last year, the provincial election was called on September 10th, and voters went to polls 30 days later on October 10th.

In a few hours, the polls will open once again for Canadian voters; the federal election day is upon us once again. This time, the election was called on September 7th, after the current Prime Minister went to the Canadian Governor General and asked her to dissolve the current Parliament. Providing Canadian their third election in over five years, we are now upon the eve of potential change…

The Americans, however, seem to have been putting up with their candidates for a lifetime in comparison. I know that the first leg of the race was to choose a candidate, and Nicole tells me that their campaigns didn’t officially begin until they accepted their nominations at their respective conferences in August, but still… they’ve been campaigning for office since last year. And perhaps that’s best, perhaps that’s understandable – I suppose they needed to set their sights high in the shadow of such a historic election.

All the same… they could stand to speed things up a bit. John McCain was still young when they began…


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