Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

1. If there’s one thing I can’t really stand, it’s the people bitching about being picked last. One the one hand, it very well means you’re being underestimated. On the other, it’s motivation to step up your game. So seriously, suck it up.

Oh, and GC, you’re not a pimp. I am willing to bitchslap you, though.

2. Words cannot express the joy I felt witnessing the look on GC’s face when that Susie chick get picked before he did. Bliss!

3. I’m so happy for Sugar, she’s getting a vacation! Comfort and food, plus being excluded from the next elimination? Amazing. I really hope she wins.

4. I have a feeling that Ken is giving himself far too much credit. Sure, choosing Kelly wasn’t such a bad decision (she’d clearly align with anyone being so low in ranking), but including GC is just a bad idea, and Crystal feels to me like she’d jump for a more popular alliance in a heartbeat. It’s a hot mess.

5. There are over 400 people on the Survivor production crew? Hard to imagine… unless that includes every douchebag that gets coffee and licks rejection envelopes to the people not interesting enough to get on the show…

6. If Marcus and Randy are the Gretzky and Lemieux of water lacrosse, that makes the Fang tribe the Los Angeles Kings.

7. I swear to God, I could throttle GC right now. He only just joined that little alliance, and he’s trying to convince Kenny and Crystal to vote out Kelly? I swear, if he says another word about how her heart isn’t in it anymore, or how he’s tired of losing, I am going to lose it on this show.

Also, I find it funny that I so called that this alliance wouldn’t work. And I mean, you can’t have seen it, but I typed it 20-odd minutes ago…

8. At least Jacquie was a smart decision for consideration… thank God Crystal came along with some common sense. Even Kenny was willing to give up his ace in the hold in Kelly… unbelievable.

9. Ugh, it’s beginning to depress me that I know so many of their names…

10. Hmmm… do you think that softer software would make my hard drive harder? Just been thinking about it recently.


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