Well, tonight I hit an advanced poll here in the area and cast my vote, doing my part to bring the NDP one step closer to office. Many of you might know me well enough to wonder why I would vote such a way, knowing that I haven’t ever cast the NDP a nod of respect in my life.

In truth, I don’t like Jack Layton. I suppose a part of it could be the resemblance to Dr. Phil, but overall I’ve just never been a believer in his politics. I believe far less in Peter Ferguson, my local representative, but in truth for all I know, he could be a juggler or something, possibly possessing something I might consider a winning feature.

No, I voted NDP not for their leader (let’s face it, we’re not going to ever have to worry about Layton holding the position), their politics, or even the staunch, unlikely belief that they will have a positive effect on my riding. I voted NDP because Nicole does feel that belief, that compassion, and I have such respect for her and her beliefs, I decided to use my vote in attempt to bring about the political climate that she believes so firmly in.

Don’t make me regret it, NDP.


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