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Several weeks ago, Bobby invited me to join his blog. I had been reluctant to post, but I figured the Vice Presdiential debate was as good an occasion as any. Here it goes.

Ten minutes in the debate and it’s…. A Hockey Mom Reference!

Oh lord… Palin gets called out by Biden for not answering the question on deregulation. The moderator is gracious enough to offer her another chance, and she outright refuses to answer. Biden tried not to laugh, he really tried…

Gwen Ifill kicks ass as moderator.

Palin is against universal health care, with the reasoning that the government has a habit of screwing things up (That was a paraphrase. Give her a little credit, people.) I feel so sorry for all of the Americans out there.

Palin points out the fact that she’s only being “doing this” for 5 weeks. Interesting strategy…

She’s annoying me more that McCain did in his debate, but at least she’s pretty.

Here comes the question of same-sex couple benefits. I’m a-tingle with anticipation and dread on over what Palin will say.

The answers were only mildly sickening… Neither party supports same sex marriage (Come on Democrats. You can elect a non-white leader, but can’t kick that homophobia?). At least the Democrats support same-sex couple benefits (Palin was a bit unclear on this). Feeling sorry for Americans again.

Palin: “We will know we are done in Iraq when the Iraqi government can govern its own people.” I don’t want the Iraqi people to suffer any more than I want any other nation of people to suffer, but let’s be honest; there are many governments that can’t govern their own people. The desire to “save” the Iraqis isn’t the ideological belief that keeps the US in Iraq. Black gold, Texas Tea…

Joe Biden loves John McCain… heehee

Oh God NOT THE PRECONDITIONS SUBJECT AGAIN!! I might have to change to the Canadian debate.

“Past is Prologue”. Nice use of Shakespeare, Biden.

The Maverick and the Hockey Mom. Cue theme song.

Admission of ignorance: I did not know that Biden supports US troops in Darfur. Good on you, Joe.

Bosniacs? I was sceptical (as is my Word spell check), but according to Britannica Online, it’s a suitable synonym for Bosnians. It’s got me wondering about Herzegoviniacs…

STOP. A shout out?????? SNL, take it and run with it.

I wonder if Bush is watching this.

Nice anti-Cheney speech, Joe. Just don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.

Biden makes a good argument as to why McCain is not a Maverick. So much for the theme song.

Palin needs to stop replacing the “g”s in her “ing”s with apostrophes.

Vice President debate over. Nothing Earth shattering, but good political fun.

A quick switch to the Canadian debate and I’m greeted by Stephane Dion fumbling around with the English language. Anyone else miss Paul Martin?

Quick observations on Elizabeth May: When asked what the first thing her party would do if elected, May answered that the Greens would “fix parliament” and support proportional representation. I’m not voting Green but I must say, that lady knows the way to my heart.

Alright, I tried to show restraint, but I have to say it. Why doesn’t someone fix her hair? Peroxide is not good for the environment Lizzie.

The Canadian moderator Steve Paikin closes the debate with, “This was better than Biden and Palin. I’m sure of it.” I only caught your last half hour Steve, but from what I can tell, it wasn’t.


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