Thoughts on Survivor 17: Gabon.

1. I am irritated by the recap; I didn’t catch the second hour of the show last week, but something about the Fang tribe talking about the obviousness of voting out Gillian as the weakest and most useless drives me up the wall. They voted out a potentially key player first to protect Gillian, a woman who was useful in the challenges. I hate the Fang tribe.

2. I love the gay guy (Charlie?) on the Kota tribe referring to everyone as ‘wooable’.

3. If G.C. is not the next person voted off of the Fang tribe, I will not be watching next week. I’m missing Sarah Palin for this…

4. Sure, Nick and Norah’s Infinte Playlist looks entertaining, but I’m a little worried that Michael Cera is getting to be typecast into a particular role here. But I mean, so was Jason Bateman for a bit, but he’s starting to break away from it… oh, and it’s a commerical break.

5. Crystal is just carrying that Fang tribe now. He’s awesome.

6. Sugar owes herself some more credit, I think.

7. I think Nicole has a good point – if Bob can’t be called upon to solve a puzzle, then what good is he? He’s crazy old, not very strong or fast at all, and is seen by his teammates as nothing more than a number. Which, sure, means he won’t go home because of his performance, but it’s crazy.

8. Squeezing the dime. Look it up.

9. Oh, Ace… I believed in you from the second I laid eyes on you. You turned out to be the wrong kind of player. I hope you do go, soon as possible.

10. 8:56, show’s over. Time to read some comics while Nicole watches her girley doctor show. I’m still accepting opinions and suggestions regarding my acquisition of a giraffe, by the way. Any time.


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