Two guys sit on either side of a table in a cafe. It is mid-afternoon; their conversation is clear over the sounds of midday traffic on the street outside. Wide camera shot, both are shown clearly seated at the table.

They have clearly been discussing plans to get together that evening with friends. Intermittent medium shots of each during conversation.

Yeah, so I’ll mention it to Mikey, I’m sure he’s interested too.

How are you going to do that?

At this point, they’re joined at the table by a third person, who sits at the table beside Bobby.

Hey boys. How will he do what?

Get a message to Mikey.

Yeah, he just moved into this place, phone service doesn’t get turned on until the 30th.


I got a system, don’t worry about it. I’d better go do that, though… see you guys in a bit.

Camera cuts from Bobby standing up to leave to Bobby arriving at the foot of some building downtown. Wide shot shows passing traffic, and Bobby picks up a couple of rocks.

Camera cuts to an apartment living room, where Mikey is playing a video game. Suddenly a rock smashes through the window and knocks objects off of the coffee table.

Jesus! What the hell?? [removes note from rock and reads it] “Mikey, going over to Greg’s later to discuss the…” [looks around] The what?

Another rock flies through the open window and smashes glass objects in the living room.

Mikey [reads note]
“next couple of video projects we’ll be working on. Let me know if…” This is ridiculous. [is nearly hit by a third rock]

Mikey [reading]
“you like the idea with the bubble paper. I’m running out of”

At that moment, a single shoe flies up through the window with the word ROCKS written on the sole, scaring and nearly hitting a cat.

That’s it.

Medium-wide camera shot shows Mikey get up off the couch and walk out of shot. Camera cuts back to the street, where Bobby is wearing one shoe. Bobby steps a few feet back abruptly as a computer monitor comes crashing to the ground. On it is written the word FINE.

Bobby [shouts upward]
Okay, see you later!

Bobby turns to hobble lopsidedly away, and passes another person carrying a box of shoes. Medium shot of person over Bobby’s shoulder clearly shows the shoes in the box.

Hey, is Mikey home?

Yep, he’s awake and everything.

Camera returns to wide shot. Bobby walks away as Jay places the box on the ground, selects a shoe, and hurls it upward.

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