Tales from Tech Support.

So yesterday afternoon I had a gentleman from Michigan call me who was complaining that a) he hadn’t received his modem equipment, and b) he hadn’t had a technician out to install his service.

I searched his name and found him in the system with active service, and attempted to troubleshoot with him to properly diagnose his problem (cos I’m sorry, “the Internet doesn’t work!” isn’t quite specific enough), but kept running into roadblocks in the way of miscommunication; we just couldn’t get on the same page at all.

It took quite a while to determine what version of Windows he was running, and then when I asked him what model of modem he got from Verizon, he replied, “an HP Pavilion.” So I asked instead if he had any routers, and he said he had only the one.So I stepped it back and asked if he had any extra DSL boxes or anything, and he responded like I was stupid.

Then I asked him if he had any equipment with blinking lights on them, and he responded that he had a green light, blinking yellow light… “okay, great… are there any labels on the lights? Any words printed next to them, like ‘power’ or ‘internet’?” to which he responded, “yeah… ‘Intel Inside’… ‘Pentium 3’…”

2 Responses to “Tales from Tech Support.”
  1. Eugen S says:

    Oh man, wow that was great haha. Post more of these.

  2. Nicole says:

    I greatly admire the self restraint you are forced to demonstrate on a daily basis.

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