I just sliced the fuck out of my hand, if in this case ‘the fuck’ is that web of skin between your ring and smallest finger; I was washing some dishes, and reached into a small glass I just got a week ago when suddenly a single piece the size of a shark’s tooth broke off, the resultant jagged edge of glass cutting me deeply between the two fingers. Funny how the smallest nicks can result in the most blood.

Those fans of insult to injury will be pleased to note as well that it was the first dish I picked up to wash, so of course the dish soap stung like crap for all the rest of them.

Not being the easiest area to bandage, I’ve simply rubbed some cream on there and have the two fingers bandaged together in hopes that it will simply close itself back up and heal quickly. I doubt it’ll require any further attention than that, and I shouldn’t need stitches, though typing is really sucking right now, I can tell you that…

One Response to “Ouch!”
  1. Nicole says:

    Who would have thought that I wouldn’t be the one to break the first glass…
    Hope your hand is feeling better, babe.

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