While moving.

If you know anything about me, then you know that I am a fan of efficiency. So much so, that when I go into office supply stores, everyone’s all like, “whoa, there’s that guy again.” Simply put, there’s nothing I love more than killing as many birds with as few stones as possible.

So I asked my myself – how can I be awesome today? And it hit me: by combining two of the coolest things around – packing, and live blogging! And then you came along, reader, and justified the whole process.

Now, this isn’t going to be ‘live’ in it’s traditional sense, seeing as how I’ve disconnected my computer from the modems and Internet it so usually consorts with. But I promise you, each of the thoughts and events that I have written below are as true to schedule as possible.

03:33 pm
Back home. My friend and co-worker Karen took me over to the new apartment to meet with the Rogers tech there to hook up my services. He was supposed to be there anywhere between 2:00 and 5:00, but he was waiting there and met us as we arrived at 1:45. So he went about his way, and we brought in and unpacked the few things we brought with us (mainly stuff for the service – my phone, tv, modems).

The Rogers guy finished so quickly that we had time to go back and make another trip with a handful of boxes, seriously depleting the amount of stuff left here to be moved (though providing me the opportunity to take a few of the heaviest boxes myself). Luckily for me, there’s still plenty of things left to pack!

04:35 pm
QQ: How the fuck did I end up with all these whisks?? I seriously have five. And how am I supposed to get my ice to my new apartment?? I swear, I’m going to lose it if you say I have to let it melt and refill it later…

04:47 pm
I just realised, you can turn anything into a negative by adding the word ‘ingrown’ in front of it. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, there’s still an intimidating air of menace to it.

05:51 pm
I got the kitchen nearly finished, but needed a break, so I watched this recording of John Mayer live on Austin City Limits, a PBS program as legendary as the Austin music scene itself. And I am being 100% honest when I tell you I was seating on the edge of my seat, holding my breath most of the time. This is what live performances are meant to be like.

05:58 pm
Evidently, even pasta called permanente doesn’t last forever. Ew.

06:12 pm
“Curious,” he thought. “It isn’t simply the cupboards or refrigerator where unwanted food goes neglected and forgotten, it also happens in the freezer!” And with that, he threw out that whole frozen salmon and reflected on what he’d learned.

07:00 pm
Now have what will be the last two loads of laundry I’ll ever do here in the machines. Packing clothes involves folding clothes, one of the few things I detest doing around the house. Weirdly, I practically enjoy most every other chore, but folding clothes has to be at the top of the list of things I can’t bring myself to do. Excepting making the bed, which obviously doesn’t count as it’s ridiculous and entirely unnecessary.

07:12 pm
I think I may have somewhat broken my right thumb a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know when or how, but it hurts a lot if I press on it in this one place, and regardless of all else, it’s making it very difficult to uninstall the few custom/luxury items I’ve invested here… that removable showerhead, the special faucet thingy for the kitchen sink, etc. So I go for the vice grips, only they’ve been tightly locked and similarly, I can’t open them. Can’t catch a break here.

07:47 pm
If you were the type of person to ask a weird question like, “how much duvet do you have?” then you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the answer is three cubic feet.

08:13 pm
Finally got to put my clothes in the dryer; those lesbians that just moved in sure took their sweet time in coming to get their shit. Coming back in the apartment, though, I’m once again struck by how weird it is not having Buster here anymore. Add to that the fact that without a phone or the Internet, I’m completely cut off here from everyone else, and you can likely understand this loneliness I feel.

Perhaps I’ll go for a walk, find a payphone. I would really like to speak to Nicole right about now. I wish I knew what time she was getting home from work tonight… it’d suck to have to walk a half dozen blocks up the street to have to turn around and head back cos I couldn’t get her.

09:20 pm
On my way downstairs to get the laundry, I stopped for a moment and watched the sun disappear behind the trees. The sky pink, my last sunset – last night – at Trafalgar Manor.

Just a few things left to pack, the camping bed to deflate, hockey gear to stow away, and then I’m finished. Free to relax and watch some tv- err, play a video ga- I mean, read a boo- oh, wait…

09:45 pm
Here’s a fun fact: I have so many sweaters and hoodies, they fill an entire box the same size as the one that all the rest of my clothes fit into. I like colder weather.

10:00 pm
Twelve hours until my baby is back in London. Sigh.

10:46 pm
One last box; just need to get the stuff in the bathroom packed. So close to finished…

11:36 pm
I am entirely finished everything – even cleaning some things in spite of the fact I feel a little vindictive towards the building. Any thoughts at all I had of going for a walk, or even catching a late bus and spending the night at my new apartment, are gone. Now there’s nothing left but to decompress, try to find something to eat, and rest up for tomorrow.

At least my guitars aren’t buried deep in some box.

12:58 am
Well, I’m all unwound and exhausted. I’m going to try and have a quick shower, feel somewhat normal again so I can get some sleep, I need to dismantle a few things in the morning. Table, computer, the like. Everything I own is in a pile of boxes here in the living room… I don’t know how I feel about it. Awkward? Impressed? I’m too tired to tell.

01:14 am
Finished in the shower. Didn’t plan this out too well, all my towels are packed. No matter, I’ll simply air-dry. If it’s good enough for Cuba Gooding Jr’s character in Jerry Maguire, it’s good enough for me.

01:16 am
Air-drying sucks! This is taking forever. And it feels like when you use those hand dryers in the restrooms, you know? Where you don’t feel quite dry. Ugh.

01:17 am
Hey, if you shake your hands wildly, your fingers begin to feel like they’re moving through water. I can’t explain it, just give it a shot.

08:10 am
Okay, I’m up. Nicole and her mom should be here within a couple of hours, so I need to go about taking apart the computer and the table. But the computer has been playing music this whole time… definitely wish I didn’t have to take it apart, at least just yet. Let’s have some coffee first.

08:26 am
Alright, let’s do this. Gotta switch this thing off.

01:10 pm
Left the building. I didn’t look back.

3 Responses to “While moving.”
  1. Eugen S says:

    My favourite : 04:47 pm, 05:58 pm, 07:47 pm
    This was hilarious! You should get your thumb checked out.

  2. KP says:

    You totally proved your manhood by lifting the heavy stuff and letting me carry all the easy boxes. Oh and thanks preventing my concussion, I really wasn’t looking forward to it and can’t remember if I thanked you or not!

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