“I think most people blog to share their thoughts and observations. In the process, they will almost inevitably reveal themselves. Such self-revelation is organic and interesting.”

I’ve been reading Laura Hurwitz’s blog frequently of late; I’ve found there to be something of interest (be it an anecdote or old catalogue clipping) published on her page every day. A couple of days ago, she wrote this piece about blogging that I agree with wholeheartedly.

I think about the things I write, the insights I attempt, and I think in a lot of ways it’s for the exact reason she’s so eloquently perceived. In truth, I suppose there is some small part of me that hopes that as people come across my page amongst their wanderings, they’ll find something they relate to, something they agree with or like.

But generally speaking, it’s done entirely for selfish reasons. I have never tagged a single article, and couldn’t care less to facilitate the process of others finding the things I post. Enough of you seem to find it to keep it interesting, and it’s honestly nice to have something honest and current to reflect upon, a sort of history of my thoughts, random though they may be.

Thanks for reading, I suppose – I’m writing it for me, but I like that you’re here.

One Response to “Exposed.”
  1. Likalia says:

    You’re welcome and back at ya. :)

    It is true blogging is inherently selfish, for me it was writing to write, now I just feel bad for everyone to has to read my daily babbling. I haven’t written anything of substance in ages. I should work on that.

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